PV Sun

PV Sun (PVS) is an offshoot of the mother company BB Buildings a construction company of many years standing. PVS has been developed to exploit the genius of Svetegor Denev an inventor and industrialist , his main priority is to expand on established technologies by introducing new methods of dynamic mechanics to forward the growth of renewal able energy sources.

Duel Axis STS Case Study

This dynamic construction and its associated mechanics not only offer a considerable performance improvement with additional solar collection hours but can do this in spaces previously not considered possible for solar arrays.


  • Duel axis for 104% greater energy production
  • 65000 Sq. Mt. surface for 1MW
  • 2 Years payback
  • Twice the CO2 Emissions saved.
  • Reduced footprint allow airpace to be used.
  • Vaious sizes to suit situation.

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