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Our technologists and marketing expertise assist today’s budding developers and tomorrow’s visionaries capitalise on opportunity in the growing marketplaces.

With the advent and exponential development of the Helium network the opportunities to be creative are boundless, with every day the network hotspots increase adding to the overall coverage and global presence.

Here at Black Sea Enterprises, we wish to develop and assist this global opportunity by uniting like minds and work together to develop potential applications and entrepreneurism.

To find a little more about Helium click this link and discover a new way to communicate!  

Maybe you are developer who is looking for help to find markets for your products ?

Maybe you have a problem or a requirement for some expert help or maybe you have a new idea and need some assistance with technical, financial or marketing assistance to enable you move to the next level, then BSE may well be able to help?

With BSE’s wide-ranging network of professional support, we can assist in the development and exploitation of new ideas and company potential. 

Why not join our associate professionals and “Think Tank” where we can discuss in general terms the services you have to offer, and the challenges faced?

Our “Think Tank” permits companies and individuals to share their ideas in confidence allowing for free and open discussions on how to best move forward.

If you have a requirement and wish to connect to our growing group of R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing services, please join our “Think Tank” and tell us about what you need or what you have to offer.”




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