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Iliya Bekyarov, economist in corporate business management, banker-economist, lawyer, freelance business consultant consulting over 200 Bulgarian and oversea legal entities, among which ‘Bon Marine Holding’ JSC, as well as all organisations within “Bon Marine’ group; Manager at Black Sea Enterprises Ltd.

Gareth Edwards born in Wales has worked in sales and marketing since 1983. His overall experience of sales channels has led to key roles both in the domestic and international marketplace. Since 1994 he has been in a consulting roll, offering advice to many business types, in sales development roles, including recruitment, management, and training; his expertise in the areas of direct and telemarketing has led to a number of invitations to speak at a wide range of conferences and events.

Christopher Court, UK citizen, founder and owner of Chris Court Associates, a company that focuses on strategy, planning, implementation and analysis of internet presentation and the presence of companies from Western Europe. With over 25 years of experience in the information technology industry, Mr Court has acquired a reputation of a respected and sought after consultant and adviser to businesses that aim at achieving excellent performance, focus and concentration relevant to their best on-line and Internet presence.

Drayton Bird, worked for many years with a wide range of clients from American Express to Mercedes to Virgin, IBM, P & G and others, advising, training and writing copy. Trained companies and at business schools all over the world from Shanghai to New York to Moscow.Written 6 books, out in 17 languages; and has worked in 53 countries.

Gary Peace served in the London Metropolitan Police at Scotland Yard for 18 years, investigating police corruption at the highest levels and was later responsible for all information leakage and computer misuse enquiries concerning the forces corporate IT network. Sitting at Board level for information security.He successfully established and ran the Digital Forensic and Internet Investigation Laboratories for UK Regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Gary has provided independent consultancy services to both government and the private sector.

Dale Howarth, in a career that has spanned almost four decades Dale has influenced the fortunes of many companies and individuals. From new start businesses and entrepreneurial spirits to well-known corporate clients, across a broad range of industries and sectors. During this time he has also served as an officer and board member of several companies.As an award winning business mentor he works with today’s business owners and Directors to create the business leaders and business successes of tomorrow. Dale is one or a rare breed of accredited CPD Speakers where he is much sought after to deliver his thought-provoking, practical and motivational lectures to audiences across the UK, Europe and North America, in addition to lecturing to students within academic institutions.In 2019 Dale was appointed as a CPD Ambassador with the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) in London, England. One of only twelve such Ambassadors. In this role Dale works with business, commerce and places of learning to promote the importance of continuing professional development. As an accomplished writer, Dale writes on the subject of marketing strategy and business development for a number of leading publications. In 2017 he published the first volume in his ‘Practical Lessons for Better Business’ series of booklets, which presents 12 key insights and principles on the subject of change, competition and success.

Jonathan Thornton is Managing Director of PC Consultants a leading provider of IT Service and Support services. With over two decades of professional IT experience.Currently managing a diverse global portfolio of clients from a cross section of vertical markets, he has become a virtual Chief Technology Officer for many, leveraging his experience and hands on expertise to provide effective and practical ways to solve business IT problems.A family man he is actively involved with his local business community, serving as both a main board member of the local Chamber of Commerce and also sitting on various Economic advisory boards and working groups.With excellent communication skills and extensive experience, he is a highly regarded member of the team.

Sean Colson Across a career that spans four decades, Sean has been pivotal in establishing ground breaking public finance IT policy across UK Government, in addition to co-founding IT specialist PC Consultants in the late eighties. A company that today boasts over 200 global clients across a broad range of key industry sectors. With the advent of GDPR legislation, Sean, as Chairman of PC Consultants was a key contributor to the debate surrounding Privacy Culture and Information Security, establishing and guiding policy advice to their many clients.

Beth Colson Editorial leader, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist with 20+ years of experience in international video news production for global news agency and UK broadcasters. Highly skilled in delivering key messages across broadcast, print, digital and social. Spent many years taking the lead at the Associated Press in ensuring the delivery of accurate and balanced international video news content to broadcasters and online global customers, across all services and platforms from the London headquarters of international news agency. A collaborative team leader with strong technical capability.

Matt Jeffrey Founder and Managing Director of multi-award winning design studio Brightbulb Design. An innovator in creative thinking for brand and web and all round nice guy. Matt has worked with global bluechips such as GE, LinkedIn and Samsung on outdoor advertising campaigns and delivered countless brand and marketing initiatives that make a difference. With over 16 years experience from creating brands, graphic design and developing websites to implementing fully integrated marketing campaigns, he helps drive businesses to success.

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