Pt/INR Monitor

Mikrosistemi  LTD is an R&D company found in 2002. The company is located in Varna – a nice city situated at the seaside, also well known culture and academic center in Bulgaria.  They have gradually built their business around development and practical implementations of precise measurements instruments, embedded hardware and software, and analog and digital design.

Custom R&D Service

Starting from the idea or concept and finalizing with hardware and software implementation and final prototyping, they perform theoretical and experimental work, modeling, and simulation in the field of device physics, object recognition and digital signal processing.

Case Study – Pt/INR Monitor
CoagMax ™ is an IoT-ready point-of-care Pt/INR monitor designed to make coagulation testing as simple to perform as blood-glucose testing. CoagMax is a part of product portfolio of Microvisk Technologies. The first-in-class Microvisk patented technology is based on a MEMS chip, embedded on a disposable Smart Strip which allows for convenient, safer, accurate, at-home patient testing.

Mikrosistemi developed the CoagMax instrument going through the full development cycle from the proof of concept to the production-ready device. The company provided R&D services to Microvisk Technologies at all phases of the development, including continuous support after the project end.

Courtesy of Microvisk Technologies