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BS-t2 WiFi Case Study

 BS-t2 WiFi – Two-channel recording thermometer (logger) with WiFi access

This device has been readily adopted and is widely used across Europe within various sectors including the likes of perishable foods and pharmaceutical monitoring, IT server rooms and greenhouses, all requiring strict temperature control for normal operation.

The BS-T2 wall-mounted controller measures, records and displays on a graphical display the temperature delivered from two digital sensors which can be easily connected to the device. Alarms, updates, and monitoring are instantly available for analysis through any smart WiFi device.
  • Measures, displays and records a temperature in the range of -40 ° to + 125 ° C from two digital cable sensors external to the device
  • Automatically scrolls the work screen with all measured data
  • Available with any smart device via Access Point or WiFi Client
  • Screen scroll button, memory reset and factory reset
  • Personalize log with AP name, owner name, installation location name
  • WIFI name and password selection menu, automatic network scanning
  • Menus for Minimum and Maximum temperature limits for both channels
  • Menu for selecting the temperature reading in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Graphic display showing the last 15 saved reports
  • Two-colour LED indication for remote alarm monitoring
  • Sound signalization at lower or higher than the set temperature
  • Sound signalization mute option
  • Built-in memory with 16384 records, endless scrolling, does not lose data when shutdown
  • selectable recording time interval: 1-5-10-15-20-30-60-90-120 minutes
  • Exports records to a .CSV file table containing Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minutes, T1°C, T2°C
  • Built-in clock and calendar, built-in 3V battery
  • Automatically adjusts the date and time from an NTP server on the Internet
  • Digital and graphical representation of screen and web interface data
  • Power supply from an external 5V DC Adapter with a USB A connector
  • Remote firmware update
  • Built-in two neodymium magnets for attaching to a metal surface or through a mounting hole in the box
  • Does not need to install specialized software, works with any web browser
  • Email messages with graphical display of temperatures outside the limits
  • Sends data to a site: logger.